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Reliance Fire Company Fire Truck Museum and Antique Fire Truck Restoration Facility

Steamer and 1928 LaFrance pumper

Take a tour of our museum without leaving your seat!

1901 Waterous Steam Pumper

Our 1901 Waterous steam pumper is rated at 600 gpm.  It is pulled by 2 horses and is fully operational.  Normal boiler pressure is about 90 psi now, although originally it ran at over 160 psi at full speed.  It is fueled by wood or coal.  Coal is required to get enough heat for full output.  The pump has been rebuilt.

1928 American LaFrance

This 1928 Type 112 American LaFrance Pumper originally served the City of Lawrence, Kansas.  It has a pump capacity of 750 gpm and a 6 cylinder American LaFrance T Head engine.  See other pages on this web site for the story of it's restoration.