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Reliance Fire Company Fire Truck Museum and Antique Fire Truck Restoration Facility

400 Series Sedan Pumper

As far as we know, this is the only 400 series sedan left in existence.

1938 American LaFrance Sedan pumper
Builders photo taken in Elmira, N.Y.

Awaiting rescue!

1938 ALF Sedan Pumper
This rare truck is one of only four 400 series sedan pumpers built.  Serial number 7838, it was delivered to Topeka, Kansas in May of 1938.  It later served Clifton, Kansas as well.  The truck is equipped with a 750 gpm centrifugal pump, the E V-12, and the special enclosed body.  Three other 400 series sedan pumpers were delivered; two to Brookline, MA, and one to Beaver, PA.  We've found a picture of one of the Brookline trucks, apparently at a muster in the 70's, but can't track it any farther than that.  It's possible that this is the only 400 sedan left.
We've been trying to buy the rig for about 7 years but the owner just recently decided to sell it.  He acquired it in the early 80's and parked it in a barn where, as you can see, it still resides until the snow melts.  When stored it was fully operational, the paint and chrome were in good shape, and it was in overall excellent condition.  We are hopeful that the engine can be freed up, but the rig will have to be repainted, rechromed, reupholstered, and the pump checked and possibly rebuilt.  Wish we could have gotten it a decade ago!

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